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Healing The Bahamas With Music

SOCAN award-winner Cori Ashley hopes that her song “Love Is The Light” can move the world to help The Bahamas

As most of you are aware, a catastrophic hurricane hit The Bahamas on September 1, devastating two of the main islands in the country. 

Cori Ashley is both a celebrated musician and an advocate for empowerment. For more than a decade, Cori and her team of experts have brought their innovative “Super Me!” empowerment programs to thousands of children, educators, counselors and parents throughout The Bahamas. It is truly her “Home away from home.”

“To sit and watch this massive devastation unfold — there are no words.” Says Ashley “Those horrendous, fearful nights on the phone and text with my Bahamian families — can you just imagine losing everything you have in one single day? — and in some unimaginable cases, losing loved ones right before your eyes.”  

So how can one small gesture make such a big difference?

“Love Is The Light” – is a song written by Ashley that truly depicts the message she is trying to send – “turn the darkness to light” after the storm. She is determined to bring some relief to her beloved Bahamas – and will do this with your help.

Proceeds from the downloads of this song will provide clothing, food, shelter and toys – to families that have been forced to leave what was once their home – and start life all over again.


How can you make one small gesture that will make a big difference?

Download the song, pass it along, enjoy the music -- and know that you helped those in need.

Song: Love Is The Light       By: Ashley & Franks