To my friends,

I am reaching out to you, my friends, in hope that together we can make a positive difference.

As you know, Nassau and the Country of The Bahamas holds a special place in our Super Me! family.

It has come to my attention that many families in Nassau are struggling without food and the basics throughout this pandemic.

I am associated with a very special lady in Nassau who is using her own catering company and staff to produce meals on Mondays and Wednesdays – as well as bread and soup on Fridays – to feed those in need. The meals are only $5 per person.

I am never one to ask for anything without sharing some joy in return.

So, should you choose to help me, help Nassau, please choose one or all of the downloads on this page for some relaxation, some children’s fun and a beautiful song.

I am reaching out personally on this one – as I only donate funds to places where I know for a fact they will be used in good faith.

Please accept my gratitude and relief for your help. And feel free to pass this along to others. This is a crazy world and I feel that I just need to help where I can.

Be safe, be ok, you are loved.

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