SOCAN award-winner Cori Ashley healing The Bahamas with her music

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Healing The Bahamas With Music

Multiple SOCAN award-winner Cori Ashley is using her music to help The Bahamas – “her home away from home.”

Cori Ashley is no stranger to the concept of using music to make a positive difference. Having won an impressive list of awards for her (and writing partner Ed Franks’) original music composed for such Global help organizations as World Vision, Operation Smile and Mercy Ships, just to name a few, Cori knows only too well the power that music has to invite people to participate in a heart-felt and important way.

In one arena, she is an internationally acclaimed composer and producer, partnering with some of the best in the music industry.  In another area, her vision for children’s empowerment is best seen through the creation of her “Super Me! Empowerment Programs” —Bringing out the best in us all.

And this is how The Bahamas became her “home away from home.”

For more than a decade, Cori and her team of experts (her family as she lovingly calls them) — have delivered their innovative “Super Me!” empowerment programs to thousands of children, educators, counselors and parents throughout The Bahamian Islands.

So, when Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas with full force, the mass devastation seemed almost impossible to process — and suddenly Cori’s beloved Bahamas was in need of this global brand of help.

“To sit and watch this massive devastation unfold — there are no words.” Says Ashley “Those horrendous, fearful nights on the phone and text with my Bahamian families — can you just imagine losing everything you have in one single day? — and in some unimaginable cases, losing loved ones right before your eyes.”  

“Love Is The Light” – is a song written by Ashley that truly depicts the message she is trying to send – and the hope she has for bringing some relief to the Islands. She will donate the proceeds from the downloads of this song to provide clothing, food, shelter and toys – to families that have been forced to leave what was once their home — and  face the challenges of starting life all over again.

“I chose this song as I think its message best describes what is so desperately needed in the Bahamas right now — and also serves as a call to action for all of us who can help. One line in the song is ‘turn the darkness to light.’ That’s our job. Light, in my opinion, represents love and our ability to see through the crisis to a brighter time. The most amazing part is that when we choose to ‘bring light’ to others, the light fills us up too — and there’s just that much more…light. And, that is one powerful resource.”




How can you make one small gesture that will make a big difference?

Download the song, pass it along, enjoy the music — and know that you helped those in need.

Song: Love Is The Light       By: Ashley & Franks